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Battery Storage Systems

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How battery storage systems work

A battery storage system is designed to store and release energy to and from your home. This is done for many reasons depending on the property. Battery systems can be used to power shift between set times of the day or harness power from renewable to be used at an alternative time.

Battery systems may be worth considering if you have a separate daytime and nighttime rate or if you own energy from solar or wind.

Is a battery system the right option for me?
Do you have the space for a system?

If you have a day and night time energy rate, you can charge your batteries during the night ready to discharge in the day. This means the energy used in the day is effectively being billed at the much lower nighttime rate. More and more people are now having systems installed purely on this basis just to cut down on energy bills.

For people who already have solar installed this is another great opportunity to be saving more money from the electricity you generate. A battery system does not affect your FIT scheme meaning you will still receive export payments as normal for your generation. This, however, gives you the advantage of making more use of the energy provided by your solar system and discharges during other times of the day e.g. cloud passes or nighttime.

Do I Need Permission to install a battery storage system?

Battery storage systems do not require planning permission but notification must be made to let the National Grid be aware of the installation. This is something that we would carry out on your behalf and a copy of the documentation would be received by you.

Battery Storage

Going Green

With a battery storage system you can harness more of the energy created from you sun which will help lower your carbon footprint.

Worldwide, we much all get to "Net Zero" carbon emissions by 2050, and your journey starts here. We can't control when the sun shines or wind blows, so energy storage is the key to unlocking 100% clean energy. By choosing battery storage you are helping pioneer the sustainable energy transition from your home.


Want to go green and start saving money?

Join the millions of people currently using renewable energy across the globe and invest in a safer future.

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