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Electric Heating

We have been installing radiators for several years providing our top-level of quality and care into every single install. We install a range of electric heating options depending on the client's requirements. From installing the traditional storage heater to the latest heating technology on the market today.

Much of our heating installations come from the surrounding village of Lutterworth where a gas boiler is not an option and need the best energy-efficient alternative. We pride ourselves in understanding your normal household day and establish what sort of heating would work best for you. 


Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have always been the traditional method of electric heating and are still used today.  The idea behind storage heaters works very effectively. Heat is stored in bricks inside the storage heater overnight on a now energy tariff so that the heat can be dispersed throughout the day. This, in theory, works very well but since storage heaters were designed, peoples work pattern has changed. People spend more time away from the house and do not necessarily have set work or weekend patterns. This then means that all the heat you have stored throughout the night disperses during the day when no one is at home, then when someone comes home at say 5 pm the bricks are starting to go cold. The only way around this is to adjust the outlet manually each day but this can be very time consuming for someone with a busy life.

Oil Filled Panel heaters

Oil-filled heaters have been out for a few years offering a wide range of options. This heating solution does not store heat overnight but instead, try to reenact a traditional radiator. Heat is from an element inside the radiator which heats the oil to disperse. The advantage of having an oil-filled radiator is that electric is only used when you use the radiator. There's no disperse of heat when your away from home or do not need it as storage heaters do. This tries to recreate and normal central heating system the best way it can with having complete flexibility over your room temperature and heating times.

All of the heatest we install are the best of quality boasting a 20-year aluminium body guarantee and a 3-year electrical components guarantee.


Smart Solutions

The latest technology in electric heating now includes smart controls to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to monitor your heating at home. This includes some of the following:-

  • Control temperature and times

  • See power and costings of each radiator

  • Control heating with Amazon Alexa

  • Turn heating on automatically once your phone leaves work

See if a smarter home could be the option for you

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